The original third party
integration platform

Strategic Imperatives’ industry-leading WLR3 solution is a fully managed gateway which enables Communication Providers to deliver an exceptional level of service; with improved automation, integrated processes, real time access to critical information, order status updates and 24/7 order processing.

flexibility as standard

The solution is available as a high-level API, through a web based portal or a combination of both and is designed to address the needs of the next generation communications provider regardless of size or operational model.

As well as fully documented APIs supported by QA and development environments the system includes a single sign on module, embedded GUI wizards and billing/CRM backfill feeds allowing our WLR3 solution to coexist with any external system while maintaining order integrity and traceability.

highly experienced in base novation and TPI shift process as well as setting up new communication providers

We are an approved Openreach TPI – this means customers will benefit from rapid product establishment with Openreach and of course, a faster time to market.
We have years of experience migrating the largest Communication Providers so we deliver an extremely high standard novation service to any CP looking to transfer their specific product contracts.

high functionality, reliability and performance

At the core of our WLR3 solution is our dedicated EMP gateway and the CPconnect platform – a highly modular service delivery framework, that ensures our solutions are highly responsive to change with minimal impact to our customers.

who’s using WLR3

A recognised market leader in fixed line provisioning attracting blue-chip customers such as TalkTalk, Fujitsu, Vodafone, Plusnet and Daisy, who rely on our solutions and capabilities to offer Local Loop Unbundling, Wholesale Line Rental, Broadband and Next Generation Access services.

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real-time system updates & support

Our WLR3 Platform processes thousands of orders every day which means that our support team have near real-time visibility of problems with Openreach system or less often our own. As part of our support, we always ensure that customers are notified of any service impacting issue often well before Openreach have even acknowledged them.

your trusted and award-winning WLR3 Partner

We have an unparalleled track record in successfully enabling our customers to launch WLR3.

66% of UK's entire WLR3 Estate


We manage 66% of the UK’s entire WLR3 network

Over 3.5 Million WLR3 lines


Over 3.5 Million
WLR3 lines

Over 19,000 transactions processed daily


Over 150,000 transactions processed daily

Over 4 Million users


99% correct first time order submission rate

Channel top market for over 500 resellers


Channel to market for over 3,000 resellers

the benefits of a fully managed service

Our hosted delivery model enables communication providers to take advantage of the enhanced services offered by WLR3 with minimal risk and upfront capital investment whilst benefiting from enterprise grade business continuity and service delivery.

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