How SaaS Telecoms Billing can help you win the race to Digital Britain

18th December 2018

The Strategic Vision of Britain set out by the Digital Britain Final Report epitomises huge change within the United Kingdom. It is a goal that is achievable through investment in technology that challenges the status quo. In the telecoms market, the challenges will be exciting and vast, but customer satisfaction is something that every provider will have to address especially with the unprecedented interconnectivity that lies ahead and masses of new technologies that will be on offer. As a key enabler of Digital Britain, Strategic Imperatives has built an innovative SaaS telecoms billing solution to deliver technology that will allow for businesses to harness all the opportunities this digital era has to offer.

In telecoms unfortunately rate of churn is high and creating value for customers will almost guarantee loyalty and retention. Customer satisfaction is of course a combination of experiences the customer has through multiple touch-points with the Communication Providers. At Strategic Imperatives, we believe that crafting a better overall experience through billing is key to maintaining a positive relationship with customers. Billing is the main touchpoint that CPs have with their customers – and accurate, honest and transparent bills will build better relationships with them.

Digital transformation, which has been omnipresent within telecoms over the last few years, has thoroughly upended conventional wisdom within the market. Seamless connectivity, AI, IoT and Big Data are revolutionising the telecoms market and with customers’ ever-rising expectations, CPs have their work cut out for them. Completely new revenue streams, product portfolios and services have already become requirements within the market and continue to evolve. CPs have to harness these and any future iterations and innovations to be able to gain edge over fierce competition. We strongly believe that telcos must focus on elements that have positive impact on capturing value and creating success to keep growing, and of course to keep offering services they have not done before to keep customer relationships fresh.

This is why our cloud-based Elevate Billing solution provides CPs with sustainable success through its disruptive and innovative way of approaching monetisation. It is flexible, adaptable and a solution that is completely reliable. With industry-leading stability, massive scalability and highly rated support teams behind it, Elevate is the only way to go if your company is looking to stay ahead in these ever-changing times that lie ahead. We are at the forefront of innovation within our market, disruptors of the revenue assurance world and Elevate is the billing solution we’ve created that will be a key building block in delivering the vision of Digital Britain in the Telecoms market.

This digital revolution is completely reforming the telecoms sector and as we inch closer to a fully immersed Digital Britain, each CP has to work hard to be at the forefront of technology. Elevate, our SaaS telecoms billing system, allows them to take their businesses to the next level and take advantage of everything this new era has to offer.