Multi-carrier Broadband API

The CPconnect multi-carrier framework puts access to the UK’s leading network providers at your fingertips. A single, fully managed gateway connects to multiple suppliers making integration simple, reducing costs and cutting time to market for new products and services.

CPconnect aggregates interfaces from the most important UK networks including BT Wholesale, TalkTalk and Vodafone; simplifying development, deployment and maintenance by removing the complexities associated with managing multiple endpoints, gateways and access technologies.

Reduce Costs
CPconnect provides you with a simple and unified interface

CPconnect supports Openreach WLR3, MPF/SMPF/FTTx services from TalkTalk & Vodafone and WBC/WBMC services from BT Wholesale, allowing communication providers to seamlessly integrate and manage new providers and services with ease.

Speed Up
our unique approach to integrating with multiple network providers

We provide extensive documentation and a ‘sandboxed’ development and testing environment, greatly reducing costs and time to market. This is coupled with renowned technical and ops support from our expert teams

Future Proof
here for you with excellent API, technical and operational support

a single easy to use and fully managed gateway

CPconnect brings together just about any comms technology under one rock-solid roof.

full interoperability with multiple network providers

The platform incorporates support for Openreach WLR, LLU and NGA products as well as BT Wholesale and TalkTalk MPF/SMPF products.
The modular nature of the platform ensures that support for other carriers can easily be added to create the industry’s only unified communication provisioning platform.

key features

Unified provisioning API supports customer acquisition and in-life management across multiple network suppliers.
Reduced project & development time means getting to market with new products and services before your competitors.
Leverage products from multiple providers for a diverse product mix so that you can service customers no matter where they are located.
CPConnect protects your investment against supplier enforced changes while supporting optional & additive new products & technologies.
Connectivity to Openreach, BT Wholesale, Talk Talk and Vodafone with a modular approach and pathway to unify the interfaces from new suppliers.
Billing and CRM backfeeds ensure assets are billed accurately and on time by Elevate or other third party systems.

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